Some minor suggestions

(Peter Day) #1

Can I just start by saying that this software is a brilliant idea and works superbly and I have been looking for this sort of software for years…

A couple of suggestions that would make my use of the software even better…

  1. ability to print all the music (preferably chord sheets and/or sheet music) from a playlist at one time would be brilliant… at the moment we cannot provide PCs for the music group so I tend to print the music I’m going to use and this feature would dramatically reduce the time it takes to prepare the music for each service.

  2. ability to have the database and images somewhere other than the C drive. I imagine that over time the space required could be quite large. This could be tied to the fact that I upgraded from PowerMusic lite …

  3. a little more control over the scanner would be brilliant. At the moment the program provides no interaction with the scanner controls so images are scanned in colour rather than in just Black and White (which is all I really need).

(Power Music Guru) #2

Hi daysy
Thanks for your suggestions.

  1. This is on the TO DO list and has been requested by others. It has also been suggested as a pdf export (see this post). Will be done in due course.
  2. This is a restriction of the single user license. It is not normally a problem with today’s large hard drives, and the largest collection we have seen is the Kevin Mayhew Digital Sheet Music System which is over 1Gb. With the 5 or 10 user licence you can ‘point’ to a different location.
  3. Good points about the scanner. The whole image processing area is something else we are looking to improve upon, including annotations on music scores.

Thanks again for the suggestions.

(Peter Day) #3

Just upgraded to Power Music Pro … and it has most of the things I’d like … although … I 'd still like some more control of the scanner … being able to scan in Grey Scale rather than Colour is a major improvement (introduced quite some time ago now) … but I’d still prefer to scan in Black and White … With the grey scale scan you tend to get some bleed through from the text on the other side of the current scan page … and the background is always off white … so wasting space on disk … I know the modern disks are much bigger … but to be honest I’d still rather not waste the space.


(Power Music Guru) #4

Hi Daysy
We have found that black and white does not give good quality with music the way grayscale does.
You can eliminate the bleed through and the off white effect by using the brightness and contrast sliders. This also helps to reduce the image size and make page loading faster.
You will also find in Power Music Pro that you can change the location of the database even for a single user licence.