Some questions

(Neil Mathieson) #1

Guys - this is great. I’m a recent Mac convert but currently have to flip flop between Windows on my Mac and the Mac to use PM4.

But great as the Mac version is, I’ll still have to do that as I can’t download playlists from the Mac to the box, nor copy playlists on to the desktop or on to a stick. Nor can I set the songs to our usual coloured background (yellow with blue text). Are these all the features yet to be added??

Roll on the next versions!! :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried connecting my Mac to the screens yet - the last time I tried it the resolution went to default and you couldn’t read anything. Is that solved now??

(Colin Cameron) #2

Hi Neil

Yes, playlist transfer to and from PMBox will be added soon, along with colour settings.

An update will be released today to enable uploading songs.

Looking back, it seems that the problem you had was when using Windows, so OS X should not be affected. If you do run into any problems, just let us know.

(Gordon Cameron) #3

Hi Neil, just looked back at my last post on the subject 8 months ago. Did you ever get the screen resolution working correctly using Windows? I think the issue is still the cables not being fully wired. Let me know.