Spring Harvest 2011

(Neil Whitmill) #1

Having bought the new Spring Harvest 2011 songbook I can open it in Power Music lite and use it, but is it possible to import the songs into my copy of Power Music 3?

Every time I try to import I end up with error messages or no database messages. It seems a bit hopeless if I have the digisongbook but can’t import them into my library without opening PM lite.

Hoping someone can help!


(Power Music Guru) #2

Hi Neil
You should be able to import the songs from one version to the other. Are you using the current version of Power Music 3?
What is the error message you are getting?

(Neil Whitmill) #3

HI thanks for speedy reply.
I put CDRom in and am only given option to install in lite. I get the music coming up, but in that version but it doesn’t appear editable and then if I open PM3 and choose file import and browse the CD there are no song files found.

I am obviously missing the vital info and could do with step by step instructions. I’m sorry I feel really stupid, but love the software and want to use it.

Thanks again.

(Power Music Guru) #4

Do you have a licenced version of Power Music? If you have installed PM Lite from the CD-ROM it should pick up your licence key and allow you to export the Spring Harvest songs. If it doesn’t pick up the key automatically then enter it manually to active the export menu.

(Power Music Guru) #5

Hi Neil
Did you manage to get the Spring Harvest songs imported to PM3?

(Neil Whitmill) #6

No not yet. When I put the disc in it loaded the lite version in, but there appeared to be no option to import into the full version. I am probably very thick and need step by step instructions. Sorry.

(Power Music Guru) #7

Hi Neil
In the installed Spring Harvest Digi-Songbook, go to File > Export Songs. (Close the All Songs window first by clicking on the small cross at the top right below the main close button)
A window will open with all the Spring Harvest songs listed.
Select the songs you want to export and use the buttons to add them to the list on the right. Press Export.
Press Browse and select a folder to save the exported songs into.
Press Next and the files will be created in the folder you selected.
Open Power Music 3.
Go to File > Import songs.
Browse to the folder created from the Digi-Songbook Export. It will be named SHExport followed by the date and time of the export. Select this folder (do not select Data or Pics).
Click OK. Press Next and the songs will be imported.

Let me know if any of the above is unclear or if you still can’t import the songs.

If the Digi-Songbook has installed correctly then it should have picked up your Power Music license key automatically. If not, click on the button (in the program, not the CD) to upgrade and enter your current license key. Let me know if you need help with this.