Spring Harvest Digi-Songbook updates

(Power Music Guru) #1

The following changes have been applied to the Digi-Songbook (V. to bring it up to date with the current Power Music 3. If you are connected to the internet when you run the program you will be prompted to install the update.

Tablet Mode
If you use a desktop or laptop and choose to display 2 pages per screen but when you transfer to a tablet you want one page per screen displayed as portrait, then you previously had to edit the song to change the ‘Pages per Screen’ property.
Now there is a new setting which keeps the original song properties but allows you to switch to ‘Tablet mode’ for full screen display for all songs. You can switch this on/off as you wish without having to edit the songs.
You will find this in the View menu:

Display Mode
The songs provided with the Digi-Songbook all default to display chord sheets. The default view can be changed to sheet music for all songs at once from Tools > Default Display Mode.

New Features - only applies to full (upgraded) version:

Faster rendering of pdf files for importing.

New design for importing chords from pdf files. You can now select a rectangle of text on the screen - extract the text into a text box beside the page and edit to align the chords while you view the pdf page. When you move to other pages you can extract chords/text to add to the existing text box until you have your song the way you want it before returning to the chord sheet editor. This should make the process much easier since the alignment of chords is invariably lost during extraction.

New design for importing sheet music from pdf files. Experiment with changing resolution and using softening in grayscale and preview full screen to see the results before saving. Select an area of the page, and preview the area. This is useful if you have problems with your eyesight and want to enlarge a page - select half of the page, increase the DPI until it fills the screen in preview then save.

In the ‘Import from multiple PDF files’ section the interface has changed. You can now select an area to import and there is a new settings/preview tab with the same options as above for importing sheet music.

New scanning interface with more options. Once you have scanned the music you can adjust the brightness/contrast and apply immediately to see the effect. There is a new ‘Auto Deskew’ feature which will try to straighten up pages which are slightly angled.