Spring Harvest Digi-Songbook

So I’ve installed the Spring Harvest Digi-Songbook. It has detected my PM3 full licence and it works a treat. But now I have PM3 and SH Digi-Songbook on my computer. Obviously I can export songs from one into the other, but which way round should I do it? Do I keep PM3 or SH Songbook? Will updates come round for both? Does one have more features than the other (they look the same at first glance)?

From my point of view I think it would be handy to simply be able to import the songs straight into PM3 without having to install the whole thing. Not sure if this can be added for a future version of the Lite-Software package?

I do think it’s great that it’s been included in the song book and I hope there are many more such ventures that happen, which as a result mean more people buy PM and then we get more updates and even better software!! :slight_smile: Keep up the good work.

Being able to directly import the songs to PM3 without installing is a good idea, the export files could be on the CD, so maybe for future versions …
Which one you use really depends on your existing song collection. It should not be an automatic merge because different people would have their own preferences. You may already have 2000 songs in Power Music so you would import the ones from the SH Digi-Songbook that you want, or you may only have a few songs set up so you could use the SH version as the master. Remember that categories are not included in imports and the Digi-Songbook has lots of categories already set up and assigned to the songs.
The SH version is based on PM3 and will also get updates, but not necessarily as frequently as PM3. There has already been an update since the CD was released.

There are a few differences in the SH version:
The SH Digi-Songbook has a separate Index tab in the song select screen for Category and Author.
Authors are stored separately. In PM3 the authors are stored in one place with the song and can be searched using the drop-down list. If a song has several authors they are shown as ‘Author1, author2, …’. In the SH Digi-Songbook each author is displayed separately in this list and their respective songs can found by typing the surname. Try it and see. When you import from PM3 the imported authors will not be in this list so you have to edit the imported songs to add them. PM4 will have this feature.
It also looks different! The Spring Harvest background is very attractive.

I’m glad you are pleased with it, we think it’s a great resource.