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(Paul Moxon) #1

Hi All,

Bit of background. I play solo cello with backing tracks, primarily for weddings. I use PM4 on a Lenovo Yoga 13, touch screen setting only, and this combination is working very well for me. I use a short saved playlist, then select as the mood takes from the full list of songs. I’m a relatively new user, so please forgive if I’ve missed something obvious.

Mainly suggestions based around extending the settings/preferences file.

Import pdf: enable user default dpi and grayscale values to be set

Play audio: MS Media player box appears in the middle of the screen (therefore in the middle of the page of music!) Enable it to be opened minimised. Or in a corner of choice.

Play audio: Use the default media player set on the computer (I previously used Winamp)

Backing Tracks: Allow a default base directory for the mp3 file names to be set. (After setting up the first 300 of 700 songs I realised they would be better in a directory of a different name!)

Size/height of song lists: Remember screen layout as set by user.

Import from pdf: As previous users have lamented - no mass import facility.

But only minor queries. I would not want to go back to carrying five hefty volumes of music to gigs. Thank you.

Best regards,

The Mellow Cello

(Power Music Guru) #2

Hi Paul
Thank you for your suggestions.

[li]It is possible to enable user default dpi and grayscale values to be set. We are actually working on a new preferences section and can include this.[/li]
[li]Play audio: our suggestion is that you use the playlist sidebar to play audio. Create your playlist and use full screen from the playlist toolbar. You will see the audio player on the bottom right. This is how it is meant to be used for performance, so will not cover your music. You can even set it to autoplay when you move to each song.[/li]
[li]Backing tracks: This is another preference that is possible to set.[/li]
[li]Size/height of song lists: this has been asked for previously and again is a setting we can include in a future update.[/li]
[li]Import from multiple PDF files - coming soon![/li]

All feedback is welcome, it is how Power Music has developed over the years.

PS: If you have any photos of using Power Music at gigs, we are looking for these for our new website.

(Paul Moxon) #3

Hi pmGuru,

Thank you for your speedy reply (especially as it looks as though done at 6.30 in the morning!). And encouraging news on the settings file.

Yes, I do use the playlist/fullscreen/autoplay functions for the ceremony music, but tend to return to the Select Song screen thereafter so I can use the search functions. Not a big issue at all. Once the Media player box is moved or minimised manually, not a problem. (Damn users, he says!)

I’m working tomorrow so I’ll see if I can chat up the wedding photographers for a few shots.

Thanks again