Sync only performance notes

(Steve Howie) #1

I’m looking into using the Music Box program and love how it syncs files and playlists. I have a situation I’m not sure about however:
If my musicians have already made annotations to a piece of music and we do the piece again down the road, the performance notes may change. Is there a way to sync only the performance data without overwriting the whole song, i.e. the annotations already marked?

If not, that is my feature request for this software as it would greatly improve our efficiency as a worship band.

(Power Music Guru) #2

Hi swhowie
Do you mean the performance notes which you can type into? These are visible in full screen mode at the bottom of the playlist sidebar and can be edited from there, too. That makes it easy to change each time you use the song.
Do you mean you would like a different set of annotations each time you use the song which would sync to a different set of performance notes?
Sorry for all the questions - just trying to understand exactly what you mean.

(Steve Howie) #3

Actually, I type up performance notes for each week and distribute on a sheet for the whole service. They keep their sheet music/books and have them marked up as they see fit. However, I may change the notes, depending upon who is missing, season, etc. Those aren’t necessarily going to be in annotations and I don’t want them to have to type those into each song each week. I want them to keep thier annotations in their song library - I would then distribute the playlist each week on Power Music Box. They could then download the playlist, any missing songs, and only update performance notes for songs they already have. Annotations would NOT get overwritten…would love to have a choice with a checkbox or confirmation to overwrite notes/all/none, etc.

(Power Music Guru) #4

Sounds good, so what you really want is playlist song notes?
This is something which is in the plans - different performance notes for each playlist song. That will be done in a future update and is on the to-do list.
The option to over-write the default song notes is a good idea.
Thanks for the feedback, this is how Power Music develops …