Synchronised Page Turning

(Donald Dickson) #1

I tried out the synchronised page turning feature with a fellow band member this weeked but the connection was repeatedly lost making the feature for us difficult to use.
We are using iPads with the Auto Lock set to Never.
I use PM Pro and my band colleague uses PM Reader. I use the Page Flip pedal in Bluetooth mode.
We set it up with me as sender and colleague as receiver and (albeit slowly) the two iPads establish a connection.

Synchronised Page turning works for a few pages, then stops (usually in the middle of a song performance) on the Receiving iPad.

To restablish a connection we have to go through the whole set up process again, which is clearly highly inconvenient, if not impossible, during a service performance.

I suspect interference with the bluetooth signal as a culprit though the distance between the sender and receiver iPads is about 12 feet that is well within Class 2 Bluetooth signal capabilities.

There may be other bluetooth signals around from phones etc whilst performing with the band, but we have the same issue when the full band is not around (ie a test in my living room with just the two iPads)

During the performance there will be two iPads tethered to iPhones for internet connection. One iPad has its own integral 4G connection.
I also use a Line 6 Relay G10 wireless guitar connection that uses the 2.4gHz wireless system (same spectrum as Bluetooth) that in theory should not interfere with the Bluetooth connection. It does not interfere with pedal connection to my iPad.

The set up procedure we have in place is to set up the Line 6 wireless guitar connection first and synochronised page turning last.

Anyone any thoughts how we could overcome the synchronised page turning drop out that we currently experience.?


(Colin Cameron) #2

Hi Donald

Connection dropouts in synchronised page turning have been an issue for a while, mainly caused by the app entering the background, or the screen timing out. The problem is that when the app returns from he background, there is no automatic process to reconnect.

I’m currently working on an overhaul of the synchronised page turning feature that will remove the requirement to manually select who you want to send page turns to. Instead, all users in range who have switched on synchronised page turning will be able to receive and choose to send page turns to all other users.

Hopefully this will make the feature much easier to use. We hope to release this update quite soon.

(Donald Dickson) #3

Thanks, this feature will be really helpful when upgraded.
Best wishes

(Donald Dickson) #4

The last release seems to have fixed the issue.
Synchronised page turning now working with full functionality!