(Neil Mathieson) #1


Been trying to synchronise my iPad and iPhone. I’ve followed the instructions and it all goes OK - sending device selects the receiving device and the receiving device accepts the request, then … nothing!! Receiving device just stays on the synchronising page - sending says it’s connected. But one does not reflect the other.




(Colin Cameron) #2

Hi Neil

The receiving device will stay at the “Ready to Connect” screen after connecting, even if the sending device says it is connected. Simply tap done on both devices and the page turns will synchronise.

This is probably quite a confusing UI, so I will try to clarify things in an update.

(Neil Mathieson) #3

OK thanks. I did try that, but nothing seemed to happen??

(Colin Cameron) #4

I’ve just checked on the latest iOS 9 release and can’t reproduce the issue. Are the songs you’re trying to display definitely on both devices?

(Neil Mathieson) #5

Yes they are. I’ll try it again later and see if I can reproduce it again.

Would a slow internet have any effect, or is it via bluetooth?

(Colin Cameron) #6

The connection is via either Bluetooth or an ad-hoc WiFi connection, depending on the device and what connections are available, so a poor internet connection won’t affect synchronised page turning.

(Neil Mathieson) #7

Yay - just tried it again and it works fine. Don’t know why it didn’t yesterday.

Am I right in thinking it only works between iPhones / iPads and not from a Mac / Laptop to iPads?