Tablet Pc

(Keith Farley) #1

Are there any Tablet PC specifics built into the Software?
Such as ink writing? Like changing chords on a sheet music
song? I’m loving the way it works on my Tablet PC. Sometimes
I need to markup a song with notes for that performance.
Thanks keasy

(Brenda Cameron) #2

Hi Keasy
At the moment there are no tablet specifics other than the touch area around the edges. In full screen mode - tapping the top/bottom of the screen moves to the previous/next page of the song, and tapping the right/left of the screen moves to the previous/next song. Tapping the top left corner acts as Escape, taking you out of full screen mode.

We are currently working on making the icons larger so that they are easier to use.

Ink writing would have to be interpreted by your tablet software, and Power Music does not change chords on sheet music.

Which tablet PC do you use?

(Keith Farley) #3

Thank You for the info. I am using a Fujitsu 5032. It is working great with the The USB Footime page turner by Bili.

(Power Music Guru) #5

Hi Keasy
I don’t know if you ahve upgraded to Power Music 4 yet, but the tablet features are much improved since your original post. You can annotate with lots of drawing tools, and there is a pop-up menu by tapping in the bottom left corner.