The Box is launched

(Power Music Guru) #1

This morning (GMT) 18th May 2012 the Box has been enabled for setting up subscriptions.
A new version of Power Music is now available and you will be able to upload your songs to your account on the Box. These songs will only be visible by logging in to your account. You will then be able to download songs to another device - even your iPad using the Power Music App

(Neil Mathieson) #2

I’ve downloaded the trial version to check it out, and so far it looks really good!!

We have a 5 licence version of PM4. I have downloaded all our PM4 songs and a playlist for another to check he can access it OK and it works great!!

He has created a playlist his end and downloaded it, but I can’t seem to see it when I log in.

Why is this??



(Neil Mathieson) #3

Also - does the i-Phone App access the Playlists in the PMBox?? I can’t seem to.


(Colin Cameron) #4


I’m not sure why you aren’t seeing the playlist on the other computer. Can the person who uploaded it see it in the box? What happens when you click refresh?

The app does not support downloading and uploading playlists at the moment, but we are currently working on it and we are hoping to get an update out in the next couple of weeks to include this functionality.

Colin C

(Neil Mathieson) #5

Hi Colin

Operator error I’m afraid. He hadn’t tranferred it into My Box!!

After I’d transferred it, I seemed to have to close PM4 and open it up again before it appeared in the saved playlists. Is that right??



(Colin Cameron) #6

There is a refresh button at the top right of the All Playlists box which will load any new playlists that have been downloaded.

(Neil Mathieson) #7

Aha - found it. Thanks