Tips and Tricks for Power Music

(Brenda Cameron) #1

This section is for helping each other to get the most out of Power Music.
If you have found a feature to be particularly helpful then please share it here.

Here are some tips for starters:

[li]Fonts - Andale Mono is a better font for smaller screens (1024 x 768), whereas Consolas is better for higher resolutions. Change your font in Tools > Settings[/li]
[li]Press B to blank the screen in Full Screen mode to stop the glare from your screens when you are not playing and the lights are dimmed.[/li]
[li]Chord sheets - try to fit a song on one screen using paging + pages per screen. Check length of lines if text is small.[/li]

(Phil J) #2

One of the useful things I found pretty early on, which is obvious now I think, is the ability to just type in the chords you want rather than having to select them from the side, then when you save the song they’re automatically converted to chords. Much quicker!

(Brenda Cameron) #3

Here is a tip for enlarging music based on a recent enquiry:
Whether you are importing from PDF or scanning in directly, first increase the DPI to about 200. Select the current page (if from PDF). Select half of the page using the mouse to ‘draw’ the area. Then save this as page one. Repeat the process selecting the bottom half of the page and save as page 2, and so on. Display as one page per screen and the music will fill the screen with half a page at a time with enlarged music.

(Power Music Guru) #4

Here’s something simple which may or may not be obvious:
When you start typing in the text box (select song) and you see the song you want appearing, this means it is selected so just press Enter and it will be added to the playlist.
Without selecting anything else start typing again and repeat the above. You can press the up or down arrow keys to select a different song in the list - again pressing Enter to add the the playlist. This is how to set up a playlist in seconds.

(Power Music Guru) #5

Did you know that you can use the hyperlink annotation to link to a file on your computer? You need to correctly type the full path to the document, so we should add a ‘Browse’ button to make it more useful.

(Alun McCarthy) #6

I know this probably won’t suit everyone but I found it useful…
At our Christingle Services I find it’s good to switch the background to black with white text, which means the screen doesn’t emit a harsh glow when the lights go out.

(Alun McCarthy) #7

Probably touched on in another thread, and again probably not to everyone’s style, but I find it’s useful to add the source book to the song title in the database. For example, I have the following titles for Amazing grace (My chains are gone)…
My chains are gone
MP 1151 - Amazing grace
SHWY 020 - Amazing grace
SH08 007 - Amazing grace
SOF 1702 - Amazing grace

MP = Mission Praise
SHWY = Spring Harvest Worship Years
SH08 = Spring Harvest Praise 2008
SOF = Songs of Fellowship

This way when I drop the song into the service and I can let the worship team know the source so they can find it quicker in their books.

(Power Music Guru) #8

(Sorry - couldn’t resist!)

(Alun McCarthy) #9

You know, those things we used to lug around Sunday to Sunday until the kind kind folks at Cambron Software came to our rescue!!!

(Alun McCarthy) #10

I apply the date of the service in the songlists as I save them. This means I can use my Power Music songlists to help when I complete the CCLI return.

(Brenda Cameron) #11

You can also get all the information you need for CCLI returns from the Reporting Centre. Select a date range and you can view all the songs you have used in that range.
Playlists will give a more accurate account of what you have actually used, though, because the report counts a song as used if you display it full screen outwith the playlist.

(Phil J) #12

A handy thing I use,
I have quite a few ‘non-songs’, that is items I use for building a service like welcome, notices, talk etc. I create songs with these titles but start them off with ‘ZZ’ eg ‘ZZ Welcome’ This means that all the non-songs are to be found right at the bottom of the song list in alpabetical order and more easily visible on a play list.

(Alun McCarthy) #13

That’s a good tip Phil, I do much the same.

I’ve also added pages for the relevant sections of the Communion services we use so I can keep an eye on what’s going on (in case the service leader wants some prayerful music played during administration).

(Brenda Cameron) #14

Now that we have ‘Libraries’ you can separate ‘non-songs’ into a library (or more) of their own.

(Brenda Cameron) #15

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Thank you!

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(mike singson) #16

I’m also new here and I’m looking forward to learn from you guys.
I hope to really enjoy being a part of this forum

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Welcome to the forum puppypaws!
If you want to ask questions make sure you post in one of the current categories, since this one is now archived.
I hope you learn from the posts on this site.