transfering playlists

(Gordon Sutcliffe) #1

I’m trying to transfer playlists from one laptop to another, both running the full version of PM via my box , every time I try I get the message ‘the following songs were not found on this computer and were not included in the playlist’ I know that all the songs are on the computer.this worked when I first used PM but it seems that something has changed.

(Power Music Guru) #2

Hi saintluke
Are the songs in the message showing on both your box and computer as the same songs? If they are the not the same song they will have a ‘*’ beside them. They are only the same if the unique identifier is the same. This can be different if the songs were imported from a previous version of PM, like PM3.
How were these songs entered into the different PM4 programs?

(Gordon Sutcliffe) #3

yes all the songs are on both box and computers all software and songs were loaded from the same disks on the same day.

(Power Music Guru) #4

What disks were the songs loaded from?
If they were loaded from the Kevin Mayhew system or Spring Harvest 2011 these are based on PM3 and will have different identifiers on each computer.
When you look at the lists on the other computer what flags are showing against the songs in question? Are they synchronised or missing?

If you want both computers to have exactly the same songs and playlists from scratch then take a backup from the one that is the ‘Master’ and perform a restore to the other one (Menu item File - Backup, Restore). From that point on the songs will match exactly and you can transfer playlists using the Box without these issues.

(Gordon Sutcliffe) #5

that fixed it, thank you very much for the answer to a very frustrating problem.

(Power Music Guru) #6

Excellent! Thanks for the feedback.