Transferring songs to playlist

(John Hunter) #1

I want to set up a new playlist from contents of a library . Is there a way of transferring titles in bulk rather that by one song at a time.Is there a way of transferring contents of a library to a playlist rather than one at a time?

(Brenda Cameron) #2

Hi John
There is no way at the moment to bulk transfer songs to a playlist, though it is going to be a feature in the new version which we hope to release later this year.
It is, however, very quick to scroll down the songs in a library using the down arrow key, and press enter to add to the playlist each time. Then you can re-order and save your playlist.
I hope that helps.

(John Hunter) #3

Thanks . Will try . Hadn’t realised i could do that

(John Hunter) #4

Sorry I misunderstood. I can do that but if I want to export I am taken to the Pmzip export page which has 2 options 1. most recent 2. Alphabetical . There isn’t( or I can’t find it) any link to either playlist or library and I have to start again scrolling down my list of songs.

Will be happy if i can transfer entire playlist to export zip in one move.

(Brenda Cameron) #5

Hi John
Sorry, I thought you meant you wanted to add songs to a playlist from a library.
If you already have a saved playlist go to the Save options on the playlist toolbar.

You will see lots of options there including Export songs to PMzip. This will export all the songs on the playlist to a PMzip. You can also export the playlist (this just contains the titles).

(John Hunter) #6

Thanks . I do really want to transfer songs direct from library but thought that if i make up a playlist first I could in due course move it directly from there although I suppose it amounts to the same thing.

(Brenda Cameron) #7

I suppose what you really want is more filtering on the export screen.
This is something to consider for our new version.

(John Hunter) #8

Yes .That would be good. Have a library with substantial number of songs so any way of facilitating transfer ( which I haven’t had occasion to need before )would be good .
Very much appreciate you interest and support