Transposing scores

Hi at Cambron,
What are the forward plans for being able to transpose scores?
I appreciate it’s impossible just now as the score is simply a picture but I hope that you are planning to incorporate some notation software at a future date that will allow transposition.

Hi Michael
We do have plans for integrating transposition of scores at a future date. This would be in the form of an optional plug-in.
It will be optional because we want to keep the price of Power Music down and this will be an expensive addition.

Thanks pmGuru,
Can I offer a suggestion as a bridge between the current status and the fully transposable score solution?

This would require Power Music to accomodate multiple images for each song score.
In this way users who already have songs in music notation software which they can transpose themselves can easily create individual images for whatever key(s) they may choose and then simply capture and store their own screen images as files which can be added to the song in Power Music.
The file could be tagged with a Key indicator which could be linked to the Key of the Chord-sheet; then in a multiple user version where the guitarist wants only chords and the keyboard wants the score displayed, the two could always be kept in the same key.
Best regards
PS I presume the plug-in would be based on a version of a currently available music notation editor; I don’t have extensive knowledge of this field but I use Noteworthy Composer which not highly priced and find it quite adequate for most purposes.

Hi Michael
That’s a really good idea, thanks! At the moment multiple images could be stored as another version of the song (using the ‘duplicate song’ function) with a key-based title. But your suggestion of having options within the song linked to the chord key sounds ideal.

Yes, the plug-in would have to be based on a third party component - no point in us re-inventing the wheel!
There are many music notation editors around and our assumption has always been that people can transpose using their existing software before importing to Power Music. For those who don’t use notation software we have to find a way of transposing the images already in Power Music because there are many different sources of music - the main one being pdf. What we want is a plug-in which takes the image out, transposes it and displays it, all within Power Music.
This would involve music OCR and this is what we are investigating at the moment.

Hi pmGuru,
Thanks for the feedback.
It’s been a while now since I use any music OMR (I think Sharp Eye was about the best I found at that time) but I found that a clean image was critical for accuracy and I had to spend almost as much time pre-cleaning images before processing as it took me to key the work into a notation editor.
Another problem I see (and I don’t have an answer for) is that chords attached to scores are usually simply text elements and are not linked in to the key in any way; so a transposition might work for the notes but the chords would remain unchanged. As a minimum ‘fix’ the transposed score would need a Capo X indicator based on the degree to which the key was raised or lowered but this might often be an impossible position to play.

Hi Michael
Yes, Sharp Eye is the one we have been looking at. There are a lot of issues with transposing, which is why we have not rushed into implementing it. It will need a lot of time and planning which we don’t have at the moment, but we definitely want to do it at a future date.