Unable to access PM Box from PM App

(Nigel Steady) #1

I’m on iPad Air so 8.1.3 and PM App 1.0.1 everytime I try to access PM Box the app closes. Hopefully it has been sending reports but I will need it working soon! Please advise.


(Colin Cameron) #2

Hi Nigel - sorry to hear you’ve been having problems with the app. We have an update ready for release in the next week or so which addresses a number of issues - including a couple of rare bugs which were causing Power Music to crash when accessing My Box.

In the meantime, can you try creating a new free account on Power Music Box and logging in to that account from your iPad? This will help to confirm whether the issue is the same one that we have resolved with the upcoming update.

(Nigel Steady) #3

Hi Colin,

I have set up a test account and logged in via Safari with no problem. When I’m using the app then I don’t even get to the point of logging on, I tap the PM Box menu option, it hangs for a couple of seconds and then crashes out.


(Gordon Cameron) #4

The problem is that the app is keeping you logged into the account that is crashing the app. You need to quit the app and restart it and it will “forget” the log in to the Box account and let you log in to the test account.

You won’t loose any songs by doing this.

Double tap the round button at the bottom of the iPad, scroll along until you can see the Power Music app. then swipe it upwards to quit the app. Then press the button again and re-launch Power Music.

Let us know what happens.



(Nigel Steady) #5

Thanks Gordon, but done that already several times, plus updated the os. I’m a veteran of the reboot having been in IT support too many years!

(Gordon Cameron) #6

It’s not actually a reboot I was asking you to do but to quit the app and then restart it.

(Gordon Cameron) #7

If you have all the music stored somewhere else then you could try uninstalling the Power Music app. This removed the database of songs which seems to be corrupted. Then re-install the Power Music app and transfer all your music back into the app (Via the Box). Try moving the music into the app in “chunks”. If it fails at some point then there could be a corrupted song somewhere.
To uninstall the app press the Power Music icon and hold until it “wobbles” then tap the red cross.

(Colin Cameron) #8

Hi Nigel

The symptoms you describe are exactly the same problem that has been fixed in the update currently being tested for release.

You will receive this update automatically when it is released. If you don’t want to wait, then the steps Gordon described (uninstalling the app and re-downloading your songs) should fix the problem.

(Nigel Steady) #9

Thank you Colin and Gordon, reinstalled the app and all working fine now!