Use of external monitors

(David Wood) #1

Hi again,
Just wondered if anyone would care to offer any help regarding external monitors, please.

I note that on your demo videos, a monitor is used on the stand, and just wondered if anyone might offer any advice on make/model/price etc.

My query is also about monitor settings, and laptop software, when trying to use the external monitor as a second screen. I can get the screen wired up, and my computer set to work with the monitor in this mode, yet my issue lies around when trying to put Power Music into the full screen mode, the second monitor doesn’t respond to the full screen command.

It may be the case that I just need to tweak the computer settings a little, or maybe a tweak for future updates, so any constructive advice would be most welcome.

Dave (Sheffield, UK)

(Gordon Cameron) #2


You need to set the graphics on the laptop to clone the display not extend it.

Basically any make of monitors these days are good! The ones in the demo are BenQ. Widescreen monitors are good for displaying multiple pages per screen.



(David Wood) #3

Thanks, Gordon.
I know it may have appeared a trivial question, so your answer was most helpful, thank you.

(Phil J) #4

In my case I have to set it so that the laptop screen is off and only the monitor is on as the laptop cannot display a high enough resolution. If you still have problems maybe try that. If you’re on windows 7 you can press the windows key and P to see the different options.