Using Power Music Pro Win10 on 2 monitors

Using 2 screens with the 2nd an extension of the main one.

Have Zoom running on 1st screen (bottom) and Power Music on 2nd (top). When I put Power Music into full screen mode, the full screen gets displayed on the bottom screen over Zoom. Anyway I can make it open on the 2nd screen?

Hi Phillip
Are you running an extended desktop?
Try dragging Zoom to the other screen then open Power Music.
You could also try swapping the primary and extended desktops.
It is possible - I know other users that have done this sort of thing.

A similar thing happened to me, this might work for you:

  • Open Power Music on the 2nd screen
  • Drag the open Power Music progam to the 1st screen
    When you hit full screen it should use the 2nd screen.
    For me it always uses the screen I opened the program on as the full screen, even if I drag the program to another screen once its open.
    Hope it works for you,