Using sheet music and chord sheets side by side

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Apologies if this has been mentioned before but I have been unable to find a related thread.
I have tested the worship edition which is where this issue became apparent but assume it will be the case in the main program also.

If the sheet music and chords spread over a page then whoever is controlling the display may move to the next page before the person who uses the chords requires it too. The answer is for everyone to play from the sheet music as that usually has the chords included or the chord sheet is ordered in such a way so it matches the page breaks in the sheet music. Another way would be to ensure that the full chord sheet fits all on one page.

I have used Open Song in the past and with that you can have multiple verses with chords over the top this helps squeeze all the information onto the one page, see example below.

[code] D C G

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Is that possible in Power music?

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Hi jda
This is possible, but you have to do it manually. Chord sheets can be arranged any way you like. Open Song uses tags to distinguish between a chord line and a lyrics line but Power Music allows you to type what you like freely and then interprets which lines are chord lines.
It is true that in the worship edition they don’t always match up when paging in ‘display both’ and you have edit them to get them to match. Matching for everyone is impractical because you can change the ‘both’ setting to display one page of sheet music and one page of chords, or two pages of sheet music with one page of chords. So it is up to the individual to edit them as required when using ‘both’. The paging is done by moving through both sets of pages simultaneously, keeping the last page displayed of the shorter version as the other moves on. This does become tricky with multiple pages of both and your solution is a good one, but you need to edit the song to do that or enter it that way for new songs.