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(Gary Brown) #1

I have a question, i have not yet purchased this software but am very interested. I currently have a Music Pad Pro for last 3 years. I am a keyboard player worship leader.

I have just tried the free evaluation version, I imported a pdf of a song. When I clicked FULL SCREEN it bacame very small.
Is there any way of adjusting the size of the page to be as large as possible?

Gary (gazzeel)

(Power Music Guru) #2

Hi Gary
Yes, you can adjust the size depending on whether you imported the pdf as sheet music or chords.
If sheet music:
First, make sure you use the selection area to eliminate ‘white space’. You can do this by holding down the left button of the mouse and dragging a rectangle. If there is more than one page this area will be applied to all the pages you select. It may be that the original page you imported is small so you need to select a higher DPI value than 100. Experiment with 200 or other settings until it fills the screen. Too large a value will mean that staff lines could be lost.
With a widescreen select 2 or 3 pages per screen if the pages are portrait. If you select half a page at a time with a high DPI you can view the page very large.
The only limitation is the original quality.

If chords:
Split the text by inserting page breaks (using the page break button). If you have selected more than one page per screen to view as columns then make sure there are no long lines because they will not be wrapped.

I hope this helps. Let us know how you get on.

(Gary Brown) #3

can u send me or show me an example of a song from the 2000+ song list? Eg a hymn and a song? I’d just like to see what the arrangements look like, I read quite well and would prefer the regular piano vocal type book arrangements or lead sheets rather than some easy play?

Hope you can help.

regards, Gary

(Brenda Cameron) #4

Hi Gary
I sent you a link in response to an enquiry - perhaps it went into your spam mail? This is the link to a couple of samples:

Try downloading the demo version of the Kevin Mayhew songbook. It has 10 typical worship songs showing exactly how they appear in the main system. You can download it from this page:

(This is different from the trial version of Power Music because you cannot add songs or edit - it just shows what the Worship Edition is like)

(Gary Brown) #5

this is amazing… Wish I could afford a tablet PC, my Music pad pro is great for the flat panel to swing over my keyboards but i’d have to try and adapt a laptop stand to get it as close as i can over the keys.

I will go to sightread music in a couple of weeks to check it out. I need the worship package with all the songs…

thanks for your info.

Blessings gary

(Power Music Guru) #6

If you already have a laptop this gives you more flexibility than a tablet and you can view two pages per screen.
The tripod laptop stands should fit over your keyboard.