What's in the database

(Ed Lorenz) #1

So I was thinking about moving the database to my Google drive so I can share the database across my 2 devices, main-laptop and tablet.
As I look at the files I see there is the database file but also there is a Pics and Annotations folder.
So based on this I have a couple of questions:

[li]When I backup the database does it include the sheet music pic and the annotations?[/li]
[li]If I wanted to move all my music and annotations to my Google drive, could I even do this and if so how?[/li]
I’ve been using My Box to facilitate this but with cloud storage so cheep is seems to make sense just to store all the data/files in the cloud.

PS. Love the software, love being able to use in worship… :slight_smile:

(Power Music Guru) #2

Hi Ed
When you backup from File - Backup, all your sheet music and annotations are included, along with the database. Once you have restored your backup to your laptop/tablet you can use Import/Export PMzips thereafter to transfer new songs. Use File - Restore to restore the backup.
As for how to store this on your google drive - you would use the same method you use for other file storage.

(Ed Lorenz) #3

Thank you for the quick reply.
So to move to the Google drive I can easily copy the “Cambron Software” folder to my Google drive but where/how do I indicate to the software this change of locations?
When I goto the Database maintenance dialog the “Change database” button is disabled.


(Power Music Guru) #4

The ‘Change database’ feature is only enabled in multi-user versions of Power Music.

(Ed Lorenz) #5

So since I have a single user license I can’t move the database/files to my Google drive. Is that right?
It’s not a huge deal it would just be nice to do considering my usage pattern.

(Power Music Guru) #6

You can MOVE it to your Google drive, and restore it to your laptop, but you cannot use a shared location from other computers in a live situation as this is for multi-user usage.
We have created Power Music Box as a solution. You can then see which songs need to be updated.