Wrong song titles being displayed in fullscreen mode in setlist

(Jeff Mungle) #1

I have been having this problem for quite awhile now where I have a set list loaded for a particular service and when you go to full screen mode and are paging through the songs, the title for the first song is correct but by the time you page to the second or third song, the title is not correct.
Sometimes it works fine but more times than not it is incorrect which as you can imagine is very confusing in the middle of worship when you page to the next song in the set and when you glance at the title and it is a song that is not even in the set it catches you off guard until you look at the words and see that it actuall is the correct song.
I think I have noticed this more times than not when i have created a set list and saved it, then we get to sound check and we need to change the set or add or replace a song that Pastor has requested for that service.
I go to my song bank and find the song we are adding and insert it into my set list. After adding a song to the set I will re-save the set list.
When you go to full screen view and page through the set it sees the song you added and the title is correct but then when you move to the next song, the chart is correct but the title is actually the title of the next song in your database after the song you added.
then when you move on the the next song it is back to being correct.

This is not the only situation that it happens but just an instance I have noticed.
Sometimes it will happen for no apparent reason.

Please help!

(Gordon Cameron) #2

Hi Jeff
I think I know what is happening.
Songs in Power Music can have multiple titles. One title will be set as the Default title.
If you add the song to the playlist using a non-Default title, the title that gets displayed at the top of the screen is always the Default title.
If this is not the solution please let me know.

(Gordon Cameron) #3

Hi Jeff
The issue is not what I described above.
I have just managed to reproduce this error!
We will investigate what is causing it and release an update as soon as it is fixed.