Wrong songs playing?

(Christopher Hooker) #1

Since uploading a new playlist the wrong songs are playing even after I have reselected them. I note that this is happening in all my existing playlists too. Any ideas (bit frantic as I have a gig in two hours!) Thanks

(Gordon Cameron) #2

By “playing” do you mean displaying?
Is the correct title on the playlist?
Does the wrong song display when you select a title?
Have you tried quitting the app and relaunching it?
Please get back - not seen this before.

(Christopher Hooker) #3

The problem is with the correct audio playback
Correct song displays together with correct filename of audio, but a different song plays when selected.
If I select or re-select the correct audio file it will play, but when I return to it the wrong (random) audio plays again.
Correct title on playlist
Correct song displays when selected
Have quitted several times, and shut down iPad and restarted.
Since returning home have had message to update from IOS 11.1.2 to 11.0.3 (hopes raised!) but no change.
Appreciate your help, didn’t like having to use my laptop this evening!

(Christopher Hooker) #4

Also the programme has become very sluggish with a considerable delay in moving to the next page etc. Could this be relevant? This does not happen any where else on the iPad.

(Colin Cameron) #5

Hi Chris

I’ve managed to reproduce the issue with the audio playback. This appears to be a change in a recent update to iOS that has broken the ability to link to a specific song properly.

We’ll work on a fix for this and hopefully we’ll be able to get an update out soon.

With regards to the sluggish response, which iPad are you using Power Music on?

(Christopher Hooker) #6

So relieved you have traced it. Many thanks, I look forward to the update soon.
Maybe the slow response is a result of it searching for the file?
I am using iPad AIR 16GB

(Christopher Hooker) #7

I have some gigs coming up soon, so wondered if you were able to give me a date for the update yet? Thanks

(Colin Cameron) #8

Just to update on this issue, version 1.3 was released on the 10th of January and includes a fix for this issue.

A full changelog is available here.

Version 2.5 of Power Music Reader was also released with the same fix. Changelog here.